Clerks of Hafnargata Afgreiðslufólk frá Hafnargötu

Status: Work in progress
Premiere: September 2024, Keflavik

“Clerks of Hafnargata” is about registration of current status of local community’s main commercial street. 

The project will focus on strictly commercial places open for public access like shops, stores, service points and restaurants, with special attention given to places that do exist for a long time.

Project idea

Since original settlements of Keflavik, Hafnargata has always been an important place where people met, went shopping and socialised.

Nowadays, the rush of modern times and mainly discount shopping makes us often not even notice who we interfere with or meet at small local stores and service points, which still are a great and binding asset to our

Project status

As per 4th July 2024 – project is in progress.

Most of points along the Hafnargata will be visited by end of the July. Then some post processing and prints production shall be conducted in August.

Exhibition is planned for Ljosanot in September 2024 either in one selected spot or in all participating shops together.

Project images

Below samples come from a same-idea project I’ve taken part in 2011 in Gdansk. It was made by collaboration of three photographers (incl me) all as traditional film shots then printed and exposed on large prints in the exhibition and later handled over to all participating places.


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